General Kirby Smith


By: Arthur Howard Noll

Originally published in 1907

293 pages


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Edmund Kirby Smith was a soldier’s soldier. From the age of 17 when he donned cadet gray at the United States Military Academy at West Point until he surrendered the last major Confederate army 24 years later. He served his country with unflinching courage and an unswerving commitment to duty. From command of the Trans-Mississippi Department of the Confederacy to his defenses of Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas, Kirby Smiths exploits marks one of the most amazing chapters in the annals of war.

What could be of even greater interest than just his brief tenure defending an indefensible theater of war, General Kirby Smith was a devoted son and earnest Christian husband and father, a man who several times considered leaving the army to pursue the Gospel ministry.

In the 14 chapters of General Kirby Smith, you will learn of his entire military career as well as his personal life, family, and beliefs.

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