Four Years with Morgan and Forrest


By Thomas Franklin Berry, Confederate Veteran

Historical reprint

Originally published in 1914

409 pages





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“We are stigmatized as rebels to satisfy ignorant fanaticism. If it be treason to fight and repel by force a horde of conscienceless plunderers of one’s home and country, I glory in the name.” ~ Thomas F. Berry, author

     Four Years with Morgan and Forrest voices the thrilling wartime involvements of Thomas F. Berry while in the service with General John Hunt Morgan and General Nathan Bedford Forrest. Full of both heroism and sorrow—the author’s purpose is to not only convey his riveting experiences but express his deep-seated belief in the cause in which he fought.

     A native Kentuckian and grandson of a Revolutionary war veteran, Thomas Berry was dedicated to the Confederacy until the very end. Wounded in multiple battles, he once refused a leg amputation in order to return to the frontline and fight. He escaped Yankee capture no less than thirteen times—seven times from prison walls and six times on his way to prison.

    Many other historical figures are mentioned in his writing; including General Joe Shelby, Captain Charles Quantrill, the outlaw Jesse James, and his brother Captain Samuel “One-Arm” Berry.

     This is a raw first-hand account of a Confederate Veteran’s experience, and a useful source to historians and enthusiasts alike.

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