Forrest at Fort Pillow


Two separate publications in one, along with supplementary annotations, articles and illustrations.

By General Thomas Jordan, J.P. Pryor, and John Allan Wyeth

Original writings were both published in 1867 & 1899

181 pages



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History totally vindicates Nathan Bedford Forrest of the biased charge that the Battle of Ft. Pillow was a massacre!

Many historians have pointed their self-righteous fingers at Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, calling him, “the Butcher of Fort Pillow,” and have permeated the myth that he set off, and participated in, a frenzied “racist massacre” of U.S. Colored Troops attempting to surrender at the Battle of Ft. Pillow, Tennessee, on April 12, 1864. The goal of this book is to present the historical facts as to what really happened at Ft. Pillow on that eventful day.

This is one of our exclusive historical reprints, and compiles two separate publications: The Campaigns of General Nathan Bedford Forrest by General Thomas Jordan and J.P. Pryor, 1867  &  Life of General Nathan Bedford Forrest by John Allan Wyeth, 1899

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