Encyclopedia of Black Powder Artillery Projectiles – Vol. III


By U. S. Army (Ret) Colonel John F. Biemeck Ordnance Corps

484 pages


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Identification, deactivation and preservation. Civil War, Mexican War, War of 1812, and Revolutionary War

This chapter specifically deals with Confederate rifled projectiles.

This extensive work is volume III of a 5 part set. Chapter 10 (volume III) is a comprehensive listing of all known Confederate Rifled Projectiles and their components. Includes a history of each named pattern, its inventor or origin, reasons for success or failure, pictures, drawings, sabot design, casing configurations, specifications, bursting charges, payloads, variants; and miscellaneous observations and historical observations. Includes all known shell, case shot, shot, incendiary, rifled canister of both Confederate and Federal Army and variants

About the Author: Colon John F. Biemeck was born in Illinois and is a life long black powder historian. He pioneered black powder deactivation experiments and collected data on the projectiles, participating in the recovery of over 1,700, circa 1776 to 1865. In the process he deactivated over 600 projectiles, making observations and recording data on the components, charges and the configuration of fuses and projectiles. This necessitated the development of preservation techniques that were practical and affordable for the amateur historian and conservationist.

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