Dixie After the War


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DIXIE AFTER THE WAR:  An Exposition of Social Conditions Existing in the South, During the Twelve Years Succeeding the Fall of Richmond

by Myrta Lockett Avery

304 pages


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“This book may be called a revelation. It seems to me a body of discoveries that should not be kept from the public–discoveries which have origin in many sources but are here brought together in one book for the first time.

No book hitherto published portrays so fully and graphically the social conditions existing in the South for the twelve years following the fall of Richmond, Va., none so vividly presents race problems. It is the kind of history a witness gives. The author received from many observers and participants the larger part of the incidents and anecdotes which she employs. All those who lived during reconstruction are passing away so rapidly that data, unless gathered now, can never be had thus at first hand; every year adds to the difficulty. Mrs. Avary’s experience as author, editor and journalist, her command of shorthand and her social connections have opened up opportunities not usually accessible to one person; added to this is the balance of sympathy which she is able to strike as a Southern woman who has sojourned much at the North. In these pages she renders a public service. She aids the American to better understanding of his country’s past and clearer concept of its present.”

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