Dismantling the Republic


By Jerry C. Brewer

Foreward by Michael Andrew Grissom

211 pages


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What passes for American History today, especially as it pertains to the type of government under which we are now constrained to live, is largely a collection of myths, fables, and legends, which have incrementally supplanted the truth until legend has become the new truth.  Few people, for instance, realize that the republic which was founded in the last few years of the 18th century no longer exists.

In Dismantling the Republic, Jerry Brewer strips away fancy and fiction to show us that the republic actually died in 1865. Lincoln spent four years trying to kill it, and it finally succumbed at Appomattox. What we have today has been in the making ever since. . . .  we have arrived at a government that has metamorphosed into something that abuses citizens at home and destroys civilizations abroad. Whatever it is, it is not the republic our Revolutionary patriots gave us, nor what they envisioned.  

We have to start over, and Dismantling the Republic tells us why.

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