Defend Dixie: A Better Narrative for Confederate Heritage


By John Vinson

39 pages

Paperback, booklet

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     There is a desperate need for defenders of Dixie today! Here in this short publication you will find understandable answers to the most hounded questions against our heritage. The fact is, we need answers to give our opponents. We must know and understand our history well if we’re ever to preserve what our ancestors left us. This booklet was created for the purpose of arming and preparing Southerners for just that. What is an effective defense of our heritage? How can we take the moral high ground? What was the cause of the War Between the States? These are just a few questions answered in Defend Dixie. Not only is this an excellent source for those on our side, it makes for a great introduction into the Southern perspective. I highly recommend this booklet to all! ~ Matt

Introduction by author John Vinson, also the author of Southerner Take Your Stand!:

“Southern tradition and history is under siege, and the South is losing. This is particularly true in the battle of rhetoric. Our opponents are clever and articulate, and they often succeed in painting our heritage in the worst possible light. With the media generally on their side, their message resonates all the more.

Against these forces are the rank and file of Southern conservatives, basically a good natured people who wish to preserve the good name of their ancestors. Our laid back nature makes it hard for us to mobilize against the zealous onslaught we face. We want to live and let live, and we assume that other people are inclined the same way. Wrong assumption.

Our opponents will not stop their assault on our heritage unless we mobilize and stop them. If we don’t change our mindset and present our position more effectively, we will lose everything of the heritage we cherish. It’s just that simply.

Understanding the attack we face should give us powerful motivation. While many of our opponents profess tolerance and compassion, they display the most profound intolerance and contempt toward anyone who disagrees with them. Often people call this dogmatism political correctness (PC), but tend to dismiss as no more than a nuisance to civil debate. Wrong idea.

PC is another name for Cultural Marxism, a mutated version of old-styled Communism. It promotes cultural warfare to destroy all traditional value and institutions. Cultural Marxists aim to replace them with an egalitarian utopia–where superior social reformers such as themselves will make all people beneath them equal. Cultural Marxism is no less totalitarian, and a threat to liberty, than the old variety of Marxist Communism.

Cultural Marxists in America are particularly hostile toward the historic South. Discrediting the Southern past will help discredit the conservatism of the modern South. They deplore the Confederate struggle against consolidated tyrannical government because that is precisely the kind of government they favor today. So as we defend our past, we also defend our future.”

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