Dear Sallie – The Letters of Pvt. James Jewel, Echols Light Art. Georgia


Edited by:  Gary L. Doster

360 pages




     “Civil War experts will welcome the letters with their abundant and original detail. Beyond that, the correspondence will appeal to the general reader because unfolded here is the poignant and human story of a soldier away from familiar surroundings.”  ~Dr. William Warren Rogers, Florida State University

     “His Letters home are simple, but surprisingly descriptive and often poignant. Although Jewel saw little actual combat during the war, the illuminating contrasts between his Oglethorpe County home in northeast Georgia and the various camps in which the Echols Light Artillery was posted, especially around the Tallahassee area of north Florida, are very informative and interesting.” ~James W. Parrish, author of Wiregrass to Appomattox: The Untold Story of the 50th Georgia

4 photos/ illustrations, appendices, end notes, bibliography, index.

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