Cultures in Conflict


By:   Charles A. Jennings

Originally published in 2001

173 pages


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After 150 years, there still remains the scars of the Union army’s savage policy of “total war” in their invasion of the Christian South. Their aim was the destruction of Southern culture which included the desecration of houses of worship and the resting place of the sacred dead. Nothing was off limits; arson, rape, murder, thievery, grave-robbing and even physical torture. All this was carried out with the approval of the Lincoln Administration and the pleasure of the northern radicals.

The author has compiled this vile record of yankee depravity from published works, church histories, diaries & etc. and includes the infamous letter from Lt. Thomas J. Myers to his wife in Boston, in which he gleefully describes his participation in the destruction and looting of Columbia, then cowardly closes his letter by saying, “Don’t show this letter out of the family.”

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