Crimes of the Civil War and the Curse of the Funding System


By Henry Clay Dean

Originally published in 1869

393 pages


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“The war upon the South was the successful instrument of enslaving the whole country, and every man and dollar devoted to it was a contribution to our degradation, which was already hopeless. All that was sacred in conviction, holy in religion, and solemn in divine obligation, was imperiled. To surrender these convictions debased the man, yet this was the demand made in the insult name of the God of Truth.”

“The Crimes of the Civil War and Curse of the Funding System,” which is now presented to the American people, is a most remarkable book. It is a plain rehearsal of thrilling incidents which have occurred in this country within the past few years; it is a record of some of the bases crimes ever inflicted upon man by his fellow; it graphically depicts many heartrending outrages perpetrated upon humanity, in the name of liberty, by the unbridled passions of a fanatical despotism; it is a faithful chronicle of passing events and contemplates the character of men as photographed by themselves int he sun-light of heaven–its views things as they really exist–fairly, honestly and openly; it withdraws the veil of mystery which conceals the hideous form of a ruined government and an oppressed people.

6 books total: Reasons for the publication of this work, Crimes Against Labor, Curse of the Funding System, Objections to National Banks, French Assignants and National Banks, Curse of Manufacturing Monopolies

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