Confederate Wizards of the Saddle


By:   Bennett H. Young

633 pages

First Published in 1914


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No image symbolizes the valiantly fought “Confederate cause” so well as the Confederate warrior on horseback.  These cavalrymen, with their chivalric manners and death-defying exploits, were the last of their kind to take part in a large scale military conflict.   Students of military history ever since have studied their campaigns as textbook examples of how to use a small, mobile force against an enemy of far greater numbers.   Confederate Wizards includes chapters on J.E.B. Stuart, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Wade Hampton, John Mosby, John Hunt Morgan and many more. Bennett Young was a Kentuckian who joined the cavalry command of John Hunt Morgan at the age of eighteen.  He was captured and sent to Canada as a prisoner, where he escaped and led twenty-five Confederates on a raid against St. Albans, Vermont, the northernmost land action in the war. This epic story and many more are found in Confederate Wizards of the Saddle!

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