The Confederate Soldier, The Ideal Soldier of the World


By J. Ogden Murray, a Confederate Veteran

Originally published in 1911

126 pages


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This book is a reprint of a 1915 publication: two essays, one on the life of Jefferson Davis and the other on the Confederate soldier. The author is J. Ogden Murray, (John Ogden), who lived from 1840-1921.

This publication is an excellent resource for defense of the Confederacy and Southern soldier, every student of history should possess a copy . We highly recommend this publication.

“J. Ogden Murray states that the War 1861-1865, was “cruel, unjust and illegal…waged with fanatical malice.” To that, perhaps the most damaging consequence has been the manifold precedents set by those events and the Administration of the 16th President. These were set by combat and not by the rule of law; and subsequent administration have built exponentially upon them. Remember, the Southern states were given new constitutions but more importantly new judges who ultimately set precedent for future law and interpretation, and these United States became the United States.” ~ Excerpt from the Foreward

“Modern historians (so called), receive accolades and financial compensation for the promotion of history that proclaims “Saving the Union” and “Freeing the Slaves.” Recently, the very old notion that he South was traitorous has emerged from their works. Some refer to the “The Muth of the Lost Cause” as if a fairy tale. That myth was never a myth. The Lost Cause was the cause of limited Constitutional government and the rule of law providing the equal justice; as evidence  the author directly quotes those who lived through the times.”

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