The Confederate Cause and Conduct in the War Between the States


Authors: Hunter H. McGuire & George L. Christian

Originally published in 1899

321 pages


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By the late 1800’s and after reconstruction, it became obvious to all in the South who had eyes to read and ears to hear, that the yankee onslaught of all things Southern was progressing unhindered; and that Northern historians and their press relentlessly continued their vilification of the Southern¬†Confederacy and its cause. Many of those academics and newspapers almost certainly understood the dilemma they faced. To give an honest account of the South and the events ending in 1865 would by default indict the North and the administration in Washington as criminals and destroyer of the constitution.

Confederate Veterans throughout the South were aghast at the history books their children were being taught from in school. The United Confederate Veterans organized committees of prominent educated veterans to address these issues. This little book, The Confederate Cause and Conduct in the War Between the States, is the result of two men involved in that effort: Hunter Homes McGuire and George L. Christian.

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