Civil War Generals of Tennessee


By Randy Bishop

304 pages


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Tennessee during the Civil War was a state in conflict with herself. She provided more than 120,000 troops to the Confederacy, mostly from Middle and West Tennessee, while 40,000 men from the eastern part of the state joined the union forces. Overall, more than 16 percent of Tennessee’s total population entered the fray on both sides. Sadly, many of those men, and their families, failed to survive the brutal years that followed. This collection of biographical essays by noted Civil War historian and native Tennessean Randy Bishop provides insight into the lives of sixty-one sons of Tennessee who fought for home and country in both the Confederate and Union forces. While their military careers are the primary focus of the text, Bishop delves into their lives before and after their service ┬áto examine the impact their self-sacrifice had on their families and their state.

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