Bushwacker Belles


By Larry Wood

295 pages



In this fascinating telling of often overlooked civil War stories, award-winning author and historian Larry Wood delves into the hidden lives of the brave belles of Missouri. Sometimes connected by blood but always united in purpose, these wives, sisters, daughters, lovers, friends, and mothers risked their lives and their freedom to give aid and comfort to their menfolk. They used subterfuge and occasionally sheer luck to feed clothe, and shelter the guerrillas. These courageous women of every age and station acted as essential go-between, scouts, spies guides, and mail handlers. They often joined in on the bushwhackers’ campaigns, assisting them in any way possible.

Many of these women were arrested or banished from their home state of Missouri; many were forced to give an oath of allegiance to the Union in order to gain their freedom; a few were able to successfully carry out their clandestine missions undetected for years. Wood traces these women through their own diaries and other primary sources from the era. The poignant tales are punctuated by stark images of these women. The stiff, posed portraits give silent testimony to their resiliency and strength during tumultuous times.

Talented researcher Larry Wood has a passion for Ozarks history. Wood is an active member of the Joplin Writers’ Guild and Missouri Writers’ Guild. He enjoys writing, maintaining a blog, and educating others with his numerous articles and books on the colorful history of his native state.


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