Blood Money: The Civil War and the Federal Reserve


By:  John Remington Graham

96 pages


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   Often times, National deficits, the Federal Reserve, and high finance rarely appear in discussions about the War Between the States. In Blood Money: The Civil War and the Federal Reserve, John Remington Graham moves financial matters forward in this carefully researched account, by going back in order to shed light on the present and to suggest remedies for correcting damage done to America’s financial independence and solvency. Learn how slavery, tariffs, and secession play a role in the set up of what is known as the Federal Reserve.

“In this scholarly work of a heretofore neglected aspect of America’s costliest conflict, Mr. Graham is more than equal to this subject. His obvious gift of analysis will impress the reader, and his conclusions will astound even the most dedicated students of the War Between the States. intellectual in style, yet fluid and highly readable, Mr. Graham’s findings challenge conventional thought. Not for the delicate sensibilities of the politically correct, Mr. Graham’s conclusions will disturb some and infuriate others, but students of the war with the guts and gumption to peruse it will be amply rewarded. The evidence that he brings into the court of public opinion is irrefutable and demands a verdict.”           ~Tommy Curtis, first lieutenant commander, Louisiana Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans



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