Antebellum Slavery – An Orthodox Christian View


By:   Dr. Gary Lee Roper

349 pages



The author follows the antiquity of slavery, and describes what the greatest theologians have written about this franchise. He uses the accounts of 18th century geographer, Conrad Malte-Brun, to show that at the height of the slave trade, 60 million Africans were slaves on that continent. Sharing with the reader the depravity of the African kings, such as Gezo, Dr.Roper theorizes that for those surviving the Atlantic crossing, life actually improved if they landed in the American South as opposed to South America or the Caribbean. He questions why the South receives the lion’s share of criticism for antebellum slavery when probably the most benign form of slavery in history existed there. He castigates those who apologize for antebellum slavery, while anyone  can go to Haiti and obtain a child slave today. He reports that slavery in its harshest form exists in at least 16 countries today, including the United States of America!

The Author, Dr. Gary Lee Roper is an ordained Baptist minister, who has served for 25 years as a pastor and 8 years in Christian Education. He has taught systematic theology and consumer economics. He has been a guest lecturer at several secular colleges and universities, both in the US and abroad, and has preached at C.H. Spurgeon’s Tabernacle in London, England.

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