Annals of Augusta County Virginia 1726-1871


By:   Joseph A. Waddell

545 pages

Originally published in 1886



This great work is a fine history of one of the oldest and largest counties West of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It covers Augusta County, Virginia from the years of 1726 to 1871. The author did extensive research into the early Scotch-Irish, the first formation of the county and its courts, Indian war from the 1750’s through the 1760’s, and the Revolution through the Civil War. Also included are church records, muster lists, Indian raids, as well as a large amount of data on the old Augusta families.

At one time Augusta County was the largest county on the continent, extending to the Mississippi River and Great Lakes. It was the local Militia, the Augusta Grays, who made settlement safe in the great Ohio Valley and subsequent Ohio County and Kentucky County of Virginia. This title was first published in 1886.

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