A South-Side View of Slavery


Author: Nehemiah Adams, Massachusetts Pastor

Originally published in 1855

180 pages


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“The thought of writing a book on this subject never occurred to me until I had experienced such a surprise and pleasure at certain new impression from slavery at the south. They who think that these impression were owing to partial views of American slavery will see their mistake. Should I relieve the minds of a few friends on this subject, as mine has been relieved, my labor will not be lost. But it is proper to say, that while preparing these pages, from the beginning to the close, things have come to my knowledge with regard to slavery which took away, at the time, the power to think or speak of it except in the tone of reprobation. Feelings more discriminating and no less just have alternated with these, and the result is here given.

No one can expect to find, no do I think to give, in this book, a full exposition of the subject of slavery. Yet I trust it will be seen that I have gathered premises broad enough for all the conclusions, which I have ventured to draw.” –The Author, Nehemiah Adams, Massachusetts Pastor


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