A Historical and Constitutional Defense of the South


By:  Captain John Anderson Richardson

713 Pages

Originally printed in 1914






     After almost one hundred years A Historical and Constitutional defense of the South is available again. This literate work of sound history, constitutional wisdom, remarkable scholarship and passion, must be read by all who seek to know the truth of America’s greatest catastrophe: The War Between the States. No matter what the reader already knows (including present writers) about this great epic he will learn much more to his advantage.

     How does Richardson accomplish this task? He obliges us to read Lincoln’s speeches in which Richardson reveals how Lincoln used rhetoric to subvert the Constitution and gain his own personal ends.

     If you search for an old copy of this title you will be unsuccessful. This title was found on microfilm in a University Library and re-type set from the microfilm with the addition of a hundred pages of footnotes. This is one of those books that our Yankee brethren tried their best to obliterate.

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