A Defense of Virginia and the South


By Robert Lewis Dabney, D.D.

Historical reprint, originally published in 1867

373 pages



Robert Lewis Dabney (1820-1898) was a theologian, Southern Presbyterian pastor, Confederate States Army Chaplain, professor and architect. He was also Chief of Staff and biographer to Stonewall Jackson.

In this apologia, Dabney tells why he thinks abolition was nothing more than a type of unbelief–of man’s standing in judgment of God’s Word–and that such unbelief had been spread and growing since the Jacobinist French Revolution.

Chapter 1: Introductory

Chapter 2: The African Slave Trade

Chapter 3: Legal Status of Slavery in the United States

Chapter 4: History of Emancipation

Chapter 5: The Old Testament Argument

Chapter 6: The New Testament Argument

Chapter 7: The Ethical Argument

Chapter 8: Economical Effects of Slavery

Chapter 9: Conclusion

Bonus Essay included along with Index and Notes

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