A Constitutional View of the War Between the States ~ 2 Vol. Set


By:  Alexander H. Stevens

1481 Pages, 2 Volumes each with index and numerous appendices

Originally published in 1868



The diminutive Vice-President of the Confederacy, Alexander Stephens, was feared and respected by his Senate colleagues in the years prior to 1861, as his brilliant legal mind and sharp-tongued wit confounded his most skilled antagonists. After the War, Stephens took up his pen to explain his view of states rights and the right of secession.  He cast much of his work in the form of a dialogue taking place at his home, Liberty Hall, between himself and various opponents.  The great passion of the erudite Georgian was defense of liberty under constitutional law and resistance to the centralization of power in the federal government. This book is by far one of the most in depth books written on the U.S. Constitution relating to The War Between the States. Stephens’ reasoning is tight, accurate and unapologetic. If you are serious about our history, this is a serious set of  easy to understand scholarly volumes.

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