A Confederate Trilogy for Young Readers


By:  Mrs. Mary L. Williamson

215 Pages

Originally published in 1895



     “Three Christian role models-worthy of imitation by your children. Written near the turn of the century, these lessons in manhood and womanhood breath long-forgotten virtues. Now in one volume for your 7-12 year olds, here are Mary L. Williamson’s outstanding biographies of Robert E. Lee, Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson, and J.E.B. Stuart.  Coming to us from a day when the Bible was still used in schools and in most homes to train children in virtue. These narratives shine both as reliable histories and as character builders.” George McDearmon of Ballston Lake Baptist Church, New York, adds these testimonies in his preface to this new edition: Illustrations • Maps • Photos Throughout  • Word List • Chapter Questions.

      Mary L. Williamson was a teacher in New Market, Virginia who after the War needed information for her students who were not born to witness the events and so needed information to assist in their discernment of the times. She produced this volume for her pupils.

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