A Confederate Scrap-Book, With Annotations


By Lizzie Cary Daniel

Originally published in 1893

270 pages



Lizzie Carey Daniel was a teenager during the War Between the States, and as was the custom of young girls of her time, she kept a scrapbook. This is an assortment of her clippings about major players on the stage of the Southern Confederacy along with anecdotes, poems, and songs with a Confederate theme. She presented her “scraps” for publication in 1893 for the benefit of the Memorial Bazaar, held in Richmond, April 11,1893.

There have been many re-prints of this book. This one is a unique edition with many extras such as a photograph of the author Lizzie Cary Daniel in addition to research on her family genealogy, and editorial remarks on the background of some of the poems and songs.

Lizzie Cary Daniel (1848-1915) was a refined and cultured daughter of an old Virginia family, the Carys. Like most Virginia ladies of her time, her burning desire was that the heroic gallantry, valor, and sacrifice made by the sons of the “Old Dominion” — and indeed the soldiers of ALL of the Confederate States of America not pass into oblivion, for history never saw such men, and never shall again.

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