A City Laid Waste – The Capture, Sack and Destruction of the City of Columbia


By:   William Gilmore Simms

133 Pages


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     A City Laid Waste, written firsthand by renowned author and poet William Gilmore Simms (1806-1870), depicts the barbaric destruction of the elegant capital city of South Carolina during the War for Southern Independence. Reprinted here in its entirety with illustrated drawings and photographs, Simms cataloged widespread looting, atrocities committed against women, the brutal treatment of former slaves by Federal soldiers, the destruction of historically significant documents, works of art, artifacts, and relics. This is a very informative read to anyone who appreciates Southern literature and history.

     This book is classified as an academic title which means that it is not generally available to the public. Additionally, as an historian, Simms was in possession of the Library and papers of General Francis Marion who communicated often with his commander, General George Washington and that library and those papers were destroyed by the yankees. This compilation of secreted reports by Simms are the last published of one of the South’s greatest writers.


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