Was Abraham Lincoln a Christian? A Debate


Compiled by Dr. H. Rondel Rumburg

28 pages


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Dr. H. Rondel Rumburg VS. Dr. D. James Kennedy

The material in this booklet was used in a debate at Liberty University’s Civil War Seminar. The debate centered on the question, “Was Abraham Lincoln a Christian?” Dr. D. James Kennedy took the pro position and Dr. Rumburg took the con position.

Many have been instructed to believe that Abraham Lincoln was not only one of America’s greatest presidents, but that he was a devout Christian. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There’s a body of evidence sourced from those who were closest to him that denounce the rhetoric on his supposed “Christianity.” Here’s a couple quotes:
“The idea that Lincoln talked to a stranger about his religion or religious views, or made such speeches and remarks about it as are published, is to be absurd. I knew the man so well…. He had no faith, in the Christian sense of the term—had faith in laws, principles, causes and effects.” ~ Judge David Davis, whom Lincoln appointed to the supreme Court.
“Lincoln was not a Christian in any sense otheer than that he lived a good life and was a noble man…. If Mr. Lincoln changed his religious views, he owed it to me to warn me, as he above all other men caused me to become an unbelievers….I know of some men in prominent position of life, who were made unbelievers by him.” ~ William H. Herndon, Lincoln’s law partner and friend, in his letter to Remsburgs
Dr. H. Rondel Rumburg expounds on these and many other quotes in his recorded debate entitled ‘Was Abraham Lincoln a Christian?’ Copies sell for only $5! This is an excellent reference booklet, and all its sources are cited!

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