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History Matters: Particularly What Isn’t Taught

  The understanding and comprehension of history is not only important it is critical. It is not only vital but it has been commanded by God for our admonition (II Timothy 2:15, Hosea 4:6, Deut. 28:58, II Chron.34).   Frequently we hear folk say innocently, “Oh, that was over a  hundred years ago, it doesn’t […]

Civil War Sesquicentennial: Reconstruction – War on the Mind and Spirit?

   The horrible, tragic and unnecessary war in which the effusion of blood was halted in 1865, has reverberated through the centuries and enabled alert observers to see the intended consequences of those echoes; decade after decade. When General Lee surrendered the remnant of the Army of Northern Virginia (approx.26,000 men) to General Grant (approx. […]

The Spirit of Radicalism

   As southerners surveyed the damage after their failed bid for independence, some gave in to despair. Others were unsure what to do. Many turned to Christian ministers for guidance and comfort. Some of the better ones gave comfort and advice that is still excellent today.    Robert Lewis Dabney was a Presbyterian minister, who […]

You Deserve

Words often repeated by parasites (demagogues, entitlement pimps and Marxist academics) and diseased cultural advertising (advertising generated by maleducated fools for maleducated fools funded and formulated by Marxists) meaning that either you are obliged to go into debt for the bauble or that everybody else owes something to you. It is a clever Marxist phrase […]

Yankee ingenuity

That unique ability of some folk, who are able to determine that the human weaknesses of pride, lust, greed, brutality, selfishness, and carnal pleasure are in reality virtues to be promoted, while considering the attributes of Christian virtue, independence, stewardship, personal responsibility, humility, patience and sacrifice as weaknesses to be condemned. Their brand of ingenuity […]


Those ever present folk who know what is best for you. They insist that you like them either at the point of a bayonet or threat of a lawsuit. They firmly believe that the U.S. Constitution only applies to them and their minions when it is convenient and only when they administer it. They long […]

Who is a Rebel

     Reverend A. T. Goodloe, author of “Some Rebel Relics,” has a letter from a gentleman in South Carolina complaining at the title of his book. Mr. Goodloe quotes from a memorial speech made at a Tennessee reunion by Hon. Ed Baxter in reply, in which he said:      “The history of the English […]

What Government Does Well

     The Constitution of the United States is a beautifully written and simply worded document that enumerates the function of our central government. All other functions are the purview of the several Sovereign States, or the people. Article X of the Bill of Rights states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by […]

War Crimes Committed by Federal Forces During the Civil War

We have all come been taught that Abraham Lincoln was a gentle man, “Honest Abe,” a man who advocated “malice toward none and charity for all.”  We have been taught that Lincoln would have opposed the policy pursued by Radical Republicans like Thaddeus Stevens, which pushed for vengeful, retributive policies against the South.  We have been taught […]


The practice of Christian moral excellence, doing the right thing when no one is observing. The practice of Christian virtue requires patience, knowledge and wisdom, all of which are available to God’s people by prayer through the Holy Spirit, and by the reading, study and application of His word (James 1:5, I Corinthians 12:1-11). The […]