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“Civil War” Sesquicentennial – A War to End Slavery?

     About 50 years ago we began hearing how the so-called “American Civil War” was all about freeing the slaves. How the North’s pure motives were vindicated by ultimate success and therefore how evil and wrong the South must have been. More recently that mantra has become so pervasive as to be laughable; provided you […]

“Civil War” Sesquicentennial – A War To Prevent Southern Secession

       We have entered into an historic period that cycles through the  decades only once every fifty years and we are witness to the anniversary of its third cycle. How times have changed since 1911 and 1961. Though systems have supposedly advanced and improved, I contend that we, mere man, are still  contending […]

  “Civil War” Sesquicentennial – A War to Save the Union?

     It has been nearly 15 decades since the carnival of blood, euphemistically called the American “Civil War” came to a close. Incredibly expensive, yet it enabled Northern politicians, industrialists, merchants, bankers and their International   Banking handlers to amass immense wealth. They were living the dream of  Hamilton’s, Clay’s and the 16th President’s  American  System; […]

“Civil War” Sesquicentennial

by: Rex Miller, a short essay as appeared in a local quarterly publication. .      As the year 2011 approached it became apparent that the observation of the carnival of blood euphemistically called the “Civil War”  was about  to be hawked upon an  unsuspecting public for all the wrong reasons. Not that those who […]

Civil War

An armed conflict by two or more factions with each seeking control over a central government. Each Sovereign State of the South held legal referendums and followed the Orders of Secession. Subsequently, the South was invaded for exercising their legal and Constitutional rights. Elements of the north invaded  the South; and the Southern people acted […]


An individual who has surrendered himself (pride) for forgiveness and salvation (Isaiah 14: 12-15) to the Sovereign God through the sacrifice of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ (Matthew 17:5). One who comprehends and believes that the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus satisfies God as a substitute for our sin. This is the […]


Yankees who entered the South to profit from the personal tragedies of its people. Very much, like  parasites that suck the blood until the body dies, maggots who consume the flesh then scavengers who devour the carcass. It is worth remembering that carpetbaggers were given free rein to plunder the Southern carcass under protection of […]


The worldly economic system of buying and selling minus Christian virtue which results in wealth (capital) accumulation by deception at the expense of others. There is nothing wrong with wealth accumulation provided it is honestly accomplished. Unfortunately, yankee bankers, industrialists and merchants are unable to restrain their appetites for profit and thus have a propensity […]

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