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Ashes of Glory

A.J. Requier Fold up the gorgeous silken sun, By bleeding martyrs blest, And heap the laurels it has won, Above its place of rest.   No trumpet’s note harshly blast— No drum funeral roll— No trailing sabres drape the bier That frees a dauntless soul!   It lived with Lee, and decked his brow From […]

The Virginians of the Valley

Dr. Ticknor . The knightliest of the knightly race That, since the days of old, Have kept the lamp of chivalry Alight in hearts of gold; The kindliest of the kindly band That, rarely hating ease, Yet rode with Spotswood round the land, And Raleigh round the seas. . Who climbed the blue Virginia hills […]

The Veteran’s Cross of Honor

H. H. Stevens . How dear to the heart of each gray-headed soldier Are the thoughts of the days when all wore the gray! While memory recalls every trial and danger, And scenes of the past live in battle array. . Though long since discarding our arms and equipments There’s one thing a veteran most […]

The Unknown

Alex W. Bealer  . Afar from friends who loved him well, Amid the battle smoke alone, This well-beloved soldier fell To sleep throughout the years “unknown.” . What loving mother watched for him With longing eyes and speechless moan? How many eyes with tears grew dim Because the soldier died “unknown?” . But God, who […]

The Old Gray Coat

Rev. John K. White . In the garret it was resting in the bottom of a trunk, And for years it had been hidden in the deepest slumber sunk; As I raised it slowly, gently, bitter tears rushed to my eyes, For it brought back recollection which, though sleeping, never dies. . As I pressed […]

The Last of the Confederates

David J. Weisiger, Virginia  . I stood on the streets of Atlanta to-day As the noble old heroes passed by, And pardon me, friend for the weakness I showed, But a tear slowly dropped from my eye.  . The curious crowd knew little what it meant As they saw that old battle flag wave Which […]

The Gods of the Copybook Headings

Rudyard Kipling (1865 – 1936) . As I pass through my incarnations in every age and race, I make my proper prostrations to the gods of the market-place. Peering through reverent fingers I watch them flourish and fall, And the gods of the Copybook Headings, I notice outlast them all. . We were living in […]

The Bivouac of the Gray

T. C. Harbaugh  . In their silent camps of glory, stretching ever far away, Sleep the men who live in story, valiant wearers of the gray; For them now no drums are beating, for them now no bugles blow, No advance and no retreating, no fierce onsets of the foe. . Some by Rappahannock’s river, […]

Secret Service for the King

Author unknown . If the shut-ins all united In one voice of common prayer, What a ceaseless shower of blessings Should be falling everywhere! . Tho’ so weak and oft times helpless, They can wield a mighty power, Lifting up their souls petition To the Savior hour by hour. . They can importune the Father […]

The Stars & Bars

By: O. T. Dozier, MD. Birmingham Alabama . The Stars and Bars  are fallen, And will never float again, But bright on history’s pages It will live without a stain. . For proudest recollections Of battles fought and won, And glorious deeds of valor, By Southern patriots done, . Will embalm in sacred memory The […]