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Who is a Rebel

     Reverend A. T. Goodloe, author of “Some Rebel Relics,” has a letter from a gentleman in South Carolina complaining at the title of his book. Mr. Goodloe quotes from a memorial speech made at a Tennessee reunion by Hon. Ed Baxter in reply, in which he said:      “The history of the English […]

The Story of a Gourd Head

     What caused me to construct a “gourd head” is more than I care to explain, unless it was suggested by his Satanic majesty. As to how I utilized it read and see. One day in the winter of 1863 I found, near camps, a long-handle gourd about the size of a man’s head, and […]

Opposed to the Name Rebellion

Submitted by Reverend J. William Jones, University of Virginia, July 18, 1894.      Let me add my earnest and hearty protest against calling our war the “Rebellion.” It was no a rebellion, and we were not rebels and traitors. George Washington was a rebel because he fought against properly constituted  and legal authority, and if […]

Horrible Deed by Federals in Virginia

[Capt. John H. Grabill sends a clipping from the Richmond Dispatch with an account by Mr. R. D. Stewart, of Baltimore, and gives a careful version of the event. It concerns the murder of David Getz by command of Gen. George A. Custer.]      The article differs in some of the details from the present […]

‘Tween de White Folks and de yankees

by John Dinkins, New Orleans, Louisiana      The Northern people first called it “The War of the Rebellion,” later, they called it “The Civil War,” and continue to do so. We do not believe it was a civil war, but a “War Between the States.” The National Dictionary defines a “civil war” as “pertaining to […]