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Yankees who entered the South to profit from the personal tragedies of its people. Very much, like  parasites that suck the blood until the body dies, maggots who consume the flesh then scavengers who devour the carcass. It is worth remembering that carpetbaggers were given free rein to plunder the Southern carcass under protection of […]


The worldly economic system of buying and selling minus Christian virtue which results in wealth (capital) accumulation by deception at the expense of others. There is nothing wrong with wealth accumulation provided it is honestly accomplished. Unfortunately, yankee bankers, industrialists and merchants are unable to restrain their appetites for profit and thus have a propensity […]

American System

A system of political enterprise was first proposed publicly by Alexander Hamilton for America,  he based his concept upon the English Monarchy system of favor and profit by central authority and monopoly. His concept was rejected by most founders save the tight-fisted yankee mercantilists, industrialists, bankers and lawyers who recognized the profit potential. He and […]

All Men are Created Equal

No other wording in our founding documents have been more distorted, misrepresented or vilified than these from our Declaration of Independence. Both Federalists and Anti-federalists founders agreed that ours was a Christian Nation whose laws and precepts were from Christian foundations. For the system to operate properly, virtue must prevail. With that understanding it is […]

Abjure the Realm

Abjure the Realm – A process of attitude by which an individual who is sickened by a diseased society and its popular culture personally commits to abstain from participation with that malignant culture. In other words it is a personal boycott. As freedoms are removed and liberties choices are blurred by government mal-education, it is […]


Those supposedly superior folk who ascribe  evil to inanimate objects and circumstance rather than the evil within the human heart (Jeremiah 17:9); personal responsibility and stewardship plays no role, therefore by opposing a thing they relinquish their own personal guilt. So you see, guns kill, large cups make people fat, and government day care will […]