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Deo Vindice

Latin superscription found on the Great Seal of the Confederacy meaning, “God will Vindicate” or “God Vindicates”.


The form of governance warned of by our founders who referred to it as mobocracy (rule by the mob). The greatest threat to law, order, and civilized society under a Democracy is the tendency of ignorant or malinformed voters who cast their ballot for political panderers for the purpose of receiving largess from the public […]


The worst type of social or political panderer. One who will lie, cheat or steal generally for money and power without remorse. The demagogue has only two allegiances: first himself and second the highest bidder. As democracy fragments into groups with perceived “rights” the Demagogue reigns supreme. Proficient demagogues seek National office, where the big […]


Although the Democrat Party had broken apart in 1860, during the secession democrats in the north were generally more conciliatory toward the South than were Lincoln republicans. They called themselves peace democrats; their opponents called them copperheads because some of them wore copper pennies as identifying badges. (Could this be why Lincoln’s likeness appears on […]

Confederate Veterans

 Brave men who honorably served their country (1861-1865 Confederate States of America), one quarter of whom died in service repelling an unconstitutional, anti-Christian, greed inspired, yankee invasion. It is instructive to remember that defeat is not dishonor and that might does not make right. It is understood that Confederates were the last soldiers to fight […]

Confederate Flags

They are the honorable and legitimate symbols of our American history. The banners used by the Army of the Confederate States of America were the last ones flown in defense of the American Declaration of Independence and Constitution. After all, the Declaration states, “Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent […]


This name was given by Karl Marx (1818-1883) to his concept of atheistic philosophy. “Das Kapital” was published in 1867 and intended for the absolute control of all social, religious, economic, academic, cultural, and government activity of a nation. His design was to reduce all citizens to the lowest common human denominator. Where it has […]

Common Sense

Good practical judgment based upon experience and knowledge gleaned presently as well as from the ages. Common sense has always contained an element of virtue. For centuries, Christians based personal decisions upon God’s word and the collective reports of valid reporters. Thus, the information that the king was pursuing a certain path led one to […]

Civil War

An armed conflict by two or more factions with each seeking control over a central government. Each Sovereign State of the South held legal referendums and followed the Orders of Secession. Subsequently, the South was invaded for exercising their legal and Constitutional rights. Elements of the north invaded  the South; and the Southern people acted […]


An individual who has surrendered himself (pride) for forgiveness and salvation (Isaiah 14: 12-15) to the Sovereign God through the sacrifice of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ (Matthew 17:5). One who comprehends and believes that the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus satisfies God as a substitute for our sin. This is the […]