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Subjugation Day

A calendar day that people can point to and recognize as the beginning of their woes. One does not exist on the American calendar, but it should. While our Constitution was administered under the law by a virtuous citizenry, we remained a free people who enjoyed the fruits of our labor and suffered the consequences […]


God’s instruction to Christians to use faithful diligence and personal responsibility in the execution of the duties and responsibilities inherent to mankind in His creation. (Genesis 2:15, I Peter 4:10, Luke 16, I Corinthians 4:1-12). All that humanity possesses and enjoys is temporary and cannot be taken into the grave; all are God’s gifts. Each […]


The right of commanding in last resort. God made man in his image (Genesis 1:26-27) with a body, mind and spirit with sovereignty over his life and family. He allows governments sovereignty to rule over people in order to promote good and punish evil (See: Government).  However, God is Sovereignty of last resort as his […]


Marxism Lite, the second step into communism. The first step is democracy.

Social Engineering

The surreptitious method of using taxation and license to alter the natural flow of virtuous human behavior while at the same time raising funds for parasites. Demagogues and politically correct Marxist and abolitionists seek tyrannical license and tribute from any quarter they target. It began with tobacco (which was a currency of Colonial Virginia) and […]


A fundamental human condition first introduced to humankind through the Liberty given Adam to follow God’s instruction. Since introduced, the human franchise of Slavery must be recognized and dealt with on an individual basis. Slavery itself is not a sin, but the glaring fruit of a sinful nature. Calling slavery sin is nothing more than […]


Southern Lincoln republicans, particularly those who aided and abetted occupying Union forces in the hopes of receiving rewards. A most loathsome profiteer.

Save the Children

A yankee, humanist, Marxist mantra systematically repeated for either increasing taxes, government intrusion, or granting license. It enables them to feel good about themselves while simultaneously avoiding personal responsibility. From whom or what the children are being saved we are never told. It is enough that by accepting the tax, permitting the intrusion, or purchasing […]


Our Sovereign God bequeathed mankind with certain unalienable rights. Among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Your life may not simply be taken by the king without due process of law, neither can your liberty be infringed by demands of the king to require your service to perform evil. Also your personal […]


A representative form of government whose definition has been distilled over the centuries. It is reasonable to assert that it represents a government whose mission is to serve those who instituted its founding. James Madison in particular was careful to use the term Republic because of its inherent system of checks and balances. Under our […]