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You Deserve

Words often repeated by parasites (demagogues, entitlement pimps and Marxist academics) and diseased cultural advertising (advertising generated by maleducated fools for maleducated fools funded and formulated by Marxists) meaning that either you are obliged to go into debt for the bauble or that everybody else owes something to you. It is a clever Marxist phrase […]

Yankee ingenuity

That unique ability of some folk, who are able to determine that the human weaknesses of pride, lust, greed, brutality, selfishness, and carnal pleasure are in reality virtues to be promoted, while considering the attributes of Christian virtue, independence, stewardship, personal responsibility, humility, patience and sacrifice as weaknesses to be condemned. Their brand of ingenuity […]


Those ever present folk who know what is best for you. They insist that you like them either at the point of a bayonet or threat of a lawsuit. They firmly believe that the U.S. Constitution only applies to them and their minions when it is convenient and only when they administer it. They long […]


The practice of Christian moral excellence, doing the right thing when no one is observing. The practice of Christian virtue requires patience, knowledge and wisdom, all of which are available to God’s people by prayer through the Holy Spirit, and by the reading, study and application of His word (James 1:5, I Corinthians 12:1-11). The […]

Trivial Preoccupation

A clever system of distraction utilized by tyranny, particularly Marxists, that appears as somewhat innocent amusement by its subjects when in reality it is subtle indoctrination. Its entertainment value keeps subjects from independent study and thought while still indoctrinating and more importantly consuming time not spent in producing tribute. Christians should be extolled to recall […]


Money paid by a conquered people to a government as acknowledgement of subjugation in order to be left alone. That in essence is what our taxes do except the tribute we pay is never enough.


The last refuge of men who no longer believe in anything. G.K. Chesterton mockingly called it their virtue and it signals the malfunction of their moral compass. It is evidence of the success of maleducation, trivial preoccupation, systematic repetition, and marks a culture in decline. In as much as a man who will not stand […]


Human tyranny is as old as humanity and results when a leader or leadership abandons virtue and succumbs to the human instincts of pride, lust, greed, pleasure and force. God’s Holy Word in the First book of Samuel, chapter 8, verses 11-18, warns God’s people of the oppression of a king. Moreover, four hundred years […]

Thought Police

Those academically malnourished souls whose self-esteem and possibly livelihood require your submission to their dogma. The concept is totally insidious, wicked and contrary to the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution, which codifies free speech. It is a definite sign of the presence of tyranny. Again, we learn the modern […]

Systematic Repetition

 A clever system of propaganda developed and first employed by Marxist Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution of 1917. It involves repeating a lie over and over through all familiar venues until the mass of people hear and read it so much that they believe it as fact. It was the Bolshevik Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924) who […]