Reconstruction 2.0 – September Newsletter

     It is absolutely maddening to stand and face the relentless and savage reconstruction taking place presently in the South; yet stand we must as it is our sacred duty. In the 1860’s Yankees destroyed communities, desecrated churches, banned Bibles, burned schools, raped, murdered and plundered wherever the opportunity allowed. Their government, under the authority of the 16th President and his radical Congress sought total destruction of Southern culture, institutions and wealth and they mightily succeeded with overwhelming numbers and material. Yet there remained a Christian remnant that erected monuments, wrote accurate histories and earnestly endeavored to become honest citizens of the new order.


     Yet Yankees have always been attracted to gutter philosophies, other people’s business and public plunder. As R. L. Dabney, D.D., LLD. (1820-1898) predicted, their systems would destroy our culture with government schools and government intervention where ever there might be free enterprise among a people. It was the 16th President who encouraged failed European Socialists revolutionaries to help his army and thousands were recruited. Naturally they brought with them the gutter philosophy of Karl Marx which today is touted as progressive.


     When innocent, well meaning people say “the war is over, get over it,” they signal their lack of knowledge. While the South lay prostrate after the war, the Union League and Military dictators ruled. Naturally they encouraged their friends to come southward to share in the spoils. Thousands of properties fell into Carpetbagger hands for failure to pay Yankee imposed taxes. Yankee enclaves were now present in every Southern State and they voted for their progressive platforms.


     Investigate America’s great urban areas and you will discover Yankee Progressive leadership; where taxes are high, crime is rampant, government dependency spoils the culture, and prosperity and freedom are suffocated under layers of regulations. It seems that where ever those people go they bring with them the desire to remake their community into an urban ghetto. We have all witnessed the small Southern community taken over by retired Yankee bureaucrats escaping high taxes in their retirement only to insist on community involvement and more government services which raises taxes and invites Federal involvement, all that inevitably leads to more loss of individual freedom. They instigate the remodeling of the community with “free” government grants (which only cost productive taxpayers) and with each grant comes the attached Federal string.


     Lexington, Virginia is a typical example. Lexington was a peaceful, historic and civilized Southern town home of the Virginia Military Institute and Washington and Lee University; both institutions were traditionally respected by Virginians since V.M.I. Cadets served honorably at the Battle of New Market and the Institute was burned by the Yankees. Additionally, Robert E. Lee was responsible for saving then Washington College from financial ruin at great personal sacrifice; and General Lee and General Jackson are buried there. By the way, as a professor at V.M.I., Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson started what was called a Negro Sabbath School for blacks in the community which may have been the first in the Commonwealth and was well attended. Then one day we find that Confederate Flags are no longer welcome in that community. All the Confederate Flags are removed from Lee Chapel and Confederates are no longer welcome on W&L property. V.M.I. is not much better as they have banned the ANV Battle Flag from their annual battle reenactment. What has happened?


     Yankee, progressive, Marxist philosophy had been slowly percolating for one hundred years; it suddenly boiled over in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, with the surreptitious aid of the Soviet Union, on college campuses and urban areas. The actions of those college children and urban malcontents were straight out of the Communist play-book and the culture failed to recognize what was taking place; God was being replaced with “me.” Through the decades these same college children became teachers, leaders and bureaucrats and they instilled their godless values in their children and grandchildren. Over the course of time, they and their progeny have taken over key positions in administrations and institutions and only hire the like-minded. Thus, Washington & Lee University and to a lesser extent V.M.I. became bastions of progressive, Marxist ideology. After infecting their institutions with worthless dogma they easily took control of town leadership as their minions occupy significant numbers within the borders; this is historically what these people do. Christians and Confederates on the other hand, simply wish to be left alone to peacefully pursue what is best for their family, which places them at a disadvantage, since they are involved in productive labor and producing taxes.


     Recently, a venerated statue representing young men who abandoned their education in order to defend their country from invasion was torn down under cover of darkness with police acquiescence. Silent Sam, located on the campus of UNC, was shamefully destroyed by those identical miscreants who inhabit every Southern University town and who care to know nothing of history, and apparently are above the law. There are laws in place protecting veteran’s memorials yet the local police and Commonwealth’s Attorney disregard the violations because those Yankees in charge gave orders to “stand down”. This scenario has played out in community after community across this country which indicates the deep pervasiveness and intent of our adversaries.


     Surely, we are a small remnant. Yet Holy Scripture gives many examples of one person being victorious over overwhelming odds and the key is always being in God’s will. Jesus told us in Matthew 19:26, “…with God all things are possible.” Therefore, we must follow God’s admonition found in II Chronicles 7:14, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”


     Our adversaries are well financed and in so many positions of authority; They have at their call a vast array of useful idiots (the term coined by Vladimir Lenin to describe his Communist street fighters), that absent a miracle, we have no alternative than to faithfully remain standing by God’s grace and pray for his deliverance.