History Matters: Particularly What Isn’t Taught

  The understanding and comprehension of history is not only important it is critical. It is not only vital but it has been commanded by God for our admonition (II Timothy 2:15, Hosea 4:6, Deut. 28:58, II Chron.34).

  Frequently we hear folk say innocently, “Oh, that was over a  hundred years ago, it doesn’t matter now or affect me.” Oh, but it does. The history of a people and culture is not a series of random selfies; it is a thread woven into the very fabric of who we are and what we represent. Tamper with truthful history and the fabric of that culture will become distorted and unrecognizable.

  Napoleon II said, “What is history but a fable agreed upon.” He was aware of the fact that a victorious foe would write a history about him that would be to their benefit and in most instances would denigrate him.

  Karl Marx (1818-1883), champion of modern university fever swamps and co-founder of Communism, advocated altering history to further the ends of Communism when he said, “If you can cut the people off from their history, then they can be easily persuaded.” A modern disciple of his, Milan Hubl, a Czech Communist activist stated, “The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books, its history. Then have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history.”

  William Stubbs (1825-1901), Bishop of Oxford and lettered  historian caused to have published in 1875, The Constitutional History of England. In that work he states, “History is not dead to the man who would learn how the present came to be what it is.” Please realize that present national circumstances are the consequence of a process which has been subtly proceeding for over a century and a half; and its success, it could be argued, is largely because of the public’s woeful ignorance of their own history.  Ignorance is simply the lack of knowledge and is not necessarily slanderous. Revelation illuminates truth in order for one to gain knowledge. Rejection of revealed truth results in stupidity; which is the basis for the phrase, “You can’t fix stupid”. Stupid people simply don’t ‘want’ to know; they are comfortable and sublime in their worthless knowledge which is in all probability based upon fiction rather than fact. A classic example of defective history is the ugly yankee myth that The War Between the States was waged to free the slaves. This is blatantly untrue but as the Communist Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924) stated, “A lie told often enough  becomes truth.”Joel Parker, the Governor of New Jersey, in 1863 said, “ Slavery is no more the cause of this war than gold is the cause of robbery.” When General U.S. Grant was a Major he said to an inquiring newspaper reporter, “Should I become convinced that the object of the Government is to execute the wishes of the abolitionists, I pledge you my honor as a man and soldier I would resign my commission and carry my sword to the other side.” 

  When you play with matches in the barn and it results in not only the barn burning but the death of your brother it is easier to say he was playing with matches rather than my actions killed my brother. The actions of the 16th President, his radical supporters and the greedy New England members of Government actively conspired to fundamentally change the nature and function of the central Government from one of subservience to the States to one of     superiority over the States. This treasonous activity and its gravity was only fully realized after the death of the 16th President when these same elements called for the trials of Confederate officials on the grounds of Treason. Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase advised against it as the South would place into evidence in a Court of Law sufficient evidence to prove the North guilty and the South innocent (Have you ever wondered why Jefferson Davis and his Administration were never brought to trial?). Therefore, a credible alternative for the conflict needed to be invented; thus freeing the slaves. Who could find fault in such a righteous motive? Citizens could then snuggle up to these pure motives and conveniently overlook the massive destruction, death, rape, robbery, brutality, injustice and cruelty inflicted on the South. The new motive would not only sooth yankee guilt but allow everyone else to move forward while advancing a government agenda whose consequences have now come full circle. There is sufficient evidence in Official Records and the U.S. Constitution to verify this claim. The drawback comes from academic and legal organs of Government whose vested interest is denial for their very survival. Aided by Hollywood with the fictional movie “Roots” and the Ken Burns fictional documentary “The Civil Waralong with countless other fictional dramas the viewing public over time has accepted these fables as fact and we are left to deal with the consequences.

  One consequence is the action at several Universities by children, who being sublime in their worthless knowledge and egged on by their Marxist professors; demand the removal of Confederate Flags and Statues. They are oblivious to the fact that those men whom they claim to despise were in many instances their ancestors who fought and died in an attempt to preserve the rights they claim; but more importantly for the sanctity of local government and Sovereign States. As I stated earlier, you can’t fix stupid, and self-imposed ignorance is the worst and most dangerous of all.

  The human propensity to believe a subtle lie to make oneself feel good is nothing new; it goes back to Eve in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:1-13). The difference is that Holy Scripture is truth and most of what is disseminated in this present world system are lies; it therefore behooves honest individuals to be diligent in their quest for answers. Modern academics or the popular media won’t      provide them; one must read, research and discern the facts for oneself.

  The South provided over 87% of Federal revenue by 1860, while over 80% of that revenue was spent on New England internal improvements (public works jobs) while simultaneously protecting manufacturing and business profits. Please investigate New England fishing bounties paid by the Government during that period. Sectional animosities were simmering from our founding and finally came to a boil in 1860. The argument between the sections had always been about the size, scope and responsibilities of the Government in Washington.

  New England loathed the fiscally tight fisted Jeffersonian Republic owned by the people and kept within its boundary by the rule of Law. They desired a larger federal system which would allow them easier access to the treasury. So dissatisfied were they that they attempted secession on four occasions, 1803, 1811, 1814, and 1844. They were unsuccessful as they were unable to muster the popular votes, but the right was never denied them. The 2nd President of the United States, John Adams from Massachusetts, served one term and doubled the size of the Government; perhaps this is why Southern men were elected  President for the next 24 years. Southern statesmen stood in the way of Northern politicians in every hall of Government in an effort to preserve the Treasury and keep the Rule of Law; but enough was enough.

  When the South began its legal process of secession a majority of the Northern press editorialized that it was their right, and to let them go. That was until it was realized that all that revenue would be lost; and the South would become a competing Country on the same continent. Northern industrialists, merchants, bankers and politicians became hostile to the idea. Did you know that Mr.    Lincoln, after his election but before his inaugural, with the help of Government employees, formulated plans to instigate War by causing the South to fire the first shot?  Sadly, evidence confirms this is so. The difficulties productive citizens face today are identical to those our Confederate ancestors faced; how do we stop the hemorrhaging of our National Treasury and abandonment of the rule of law and Constitution? We are witness to history repeating itself again, but because of defective education coupled with trivial preoccupation, most folk are challenged for an answer.

History provides the answer