You Deserve

Words often repeated by parasites (demagogues, entitlement pimps and Marxist academics) and diseased cultural advertising (advertising generated by maleducated fools for maleducated fools funded and formulated by Marxists) meaning that either you are obliged to go into debt for the bauble or that everybody else owes something to you. It is a clever Marxist phrase introduced by systematic repetition to entitlement prone individuals and children attending government day care. Its purpose is to reinforce hopelessness and stifle personal responsibility; and is a signal of tyranny at work. Chances are because of your ignorant fallen nature, you deserve  to burn in Hell (John 3:18). By appealing to human pride, lust and greed, popular yankee Marxist culture has managed to validate those base principles that our Sovereign God hates (Proverbs 6:16-19). If you believe that you are owed anything on this earth other than a legally binding debt, then you need to reexamine your priorities. You may earn a days’ wages for a days’ work. You may earn the respect of your family and peers provided you are performing your virtuous duty. You deserve what is owed you as the result of a legal contract. If found guilty in a just Court of Law, you more than likely deserve your sentence. In the human sense that is all we deserve. In the spiritual sense, but for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we all deserve Hell. Popular culture would have you believe that you deserve all kinds of entitlements, distractions and baubles. Do your homework, study your history; you are fortunate to have and enjoy what you have and what you are about to lose. A government big enough to give is big enough to take away. No one is responsible for you ignorance but you.