Yankee ingenuity

That unique ability of some folk, who are able to determine that the human weaknesses of pride, lust, greed, brutality, selfishness, and carnal pleasure are in reality virtues to be promoted, while considering the attributes of Christian virtue, independence, stewardship, personal responsibility, humility, patience and sacrifice as weaknesses to be condemned. Their brand of ingenuity generally involves methods or systems of what they believe to be something for nothing and are based upon their own arrogant sense of superiority and entitlement. As a group, they are inevitably drawn to flawed humanist views like transcendentalism, Unitarianism, Marxism and every flavor of abolitionism. Is it not interesting that their ilk have introduced into Christian America virtually every “ism” we have suffered? While they fight, picket and complain of their rights for their “isms” they never ever extend that courtesy to the followers of Christ.