Those ever present folk who know what is best for you. They insist that you like them either at the point of a bayonet or threat of a lawsuit. They firmly believe that the U.S. Constitution only applies to them and their minions when it is convenient and only when they administer it. They long for more power so that they can demonstrate to the rest of us clods the glories of Marxist Socialism. They have created ingenious systems to avoid personal responsibility by placing blame upon inanimate objects and denying human accountability by circumstance or intention. Spawned in New England, they have metastasized like cancer throughout our once free country. It is vitally important to remember that not all northerners are yankees. They have systematically employed their invasion (“Civil War”) story to include approval by all northern folk. When in reality, many were helpless pawns seeking to raise funds for their families or ignorant immigrants steeped in centuries of inter-royal warfare coupled with the aspirations of social justice and promise of free land. Almost 40 thousand innocent northern citizens were summarily placed into northern gulags for suspicion of disagreement with official policy without benefit of warrant, representation or trial. True yankees have cleverly hid behind a multitude of unsuspecting maleducated brethren to accomplish their stated goals. It is understood that they are devotees of Karl Marx and other humanist agents. They may appear successful, educated, philanthropic, religious and pious but they are also arrogant, short tempered and self-satisfied. They are a dangerous, devious and greedy lot.