Human tyranny is as old as humanity and results when a leader or leadership abandons virtue and succumbs to the human instincts of pride, lust, greed, pleasure and force. God’s Holy Word in the First book of Samuel, chapter 8, verses 11-18, warns God’s people of the oppression of a king. Moreover, four hundred years before Christ a Greek named Aristotle outlined the attributes of a tyrant in Aristotle’s Politics Book 5 chapters 10 and 11. Paraphrasing Aristotle, governments are instituted among men solely for the preservation of the most fundamental human affections of the basic social unities of family, village and state. A good king surrounds himself with productive citizens and strives for honor and peace whereas a tyrant surrounds himself with foreigners (multicultural parasites) and strives for wealth, power and war. The tyrant must have war and emergency as it keeps the people occupied and continually in need of his leadership. A tyrant dislikes independent learning and thought as it might destroy his master-like hold. A tyrant must keep his subjects perpetually working producing taxes, which is the purpose of war and emergency. A tyrant strives to perpetuate divisions and frictions between classes of subjects causing mutual distrust, which fragments any opposition and leads to the lack of mutual confidence. Finally, subjects must be preoccupied when not busy producing taxes. The tyrant employs flatterers to keep the mob preoccupied and at bay. Thus, high taxes, government maleducation, and trivial preoccupation coupled with wealth envy, racial distrust and emergency legislation signal the presence of tyranny. To that, add the foreigners (multiculturalists) advising government and the flatterers (media) telling you what to think. Finally anyone who speaks our against this system is instantly and completely tarred as an “extremist”, “racist”, “sexist”, “fundamentalist” or some such for studying, thinking  and speaking independently. All are attributes of tyranny. Truthfully, liberty and imagined freedom can exist in actual tyranny; Americans are overwhelmed with meaningless choices and distractions, which is as it should be within a well-organized tyranny.