Thought Police

Those academically malnourished souls whose self-esteem and possibly livelihood require your submission to their dogma. The concept is totally insidious, wicked and contrary to the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution, which codifies free speech. It is a definite sign of the presence of tyranny. Again, we learn the modern concept stems from the Bolshevik Revolution and Marxism. Thomas Jefferson said, “It is error alone that needs the force of government. Truth can stand by itself.” Your Common sense tells you that is fact! The first to legislate thought in America was the Colony of Massachusetts in 1637, which caused to be listed 82 blasphemous, erroneous or unsafe opinions not legal in the Colony. Sadly, government maleducation, systematic repetition, and trivial preoccupation lend themselves to the molding of officially sanctioned though. Academic freedom and independent thought represent a very real threat to tyranny and must not be permitted. Thus, well meaning but maleducated teachers, administrators, and petty bureaucrats unwittingly become enforcers of their own ignorance. Indeed some poor folk become so indoctrinated through trivial preoccupation that they instinctively lash our against any threat to permitted dogma. So, the “Thought Police” might be your child’s friend, a teacher, someone at work, your pastor or neighbor, perhaps you; they are everywhere and tyranny spawns them abundantly. Generally, what it is that the Thought Police attempt to enforce lacks common sense and contradicts God’s Wisdom.