The Conundrum of Denial

     Light may be defined as illumination in darkness; while it is dark we cannot see the obstructions or dangers on our path. Light might also be defined as the illumination of knowledge giving revelation to here-to-for unknown facts. Revelation is after all the engine that progresses humanity farther up the ladder of enlightened civilization; which is why it is called enlightenment. Once facts are discovered they become part of the body of knowledge that a people utilize for their advancement.

     Out of necessity people devised a method of counting and writing so as to serve their interests in trade. Governments learned that counting and writing offered an excellent venue for collecting tribute. It served their needs and advanced their cause. Thus from the darkness of simple barter (some game meat for some grain) came the light of modern commerce ($4.00 for 1 gallon of gasoline, tax included). The process took centuries, but it was the revelation of knowledge that peoples utilized to advance their systems and economies for the benefit of their civilization.

     All of the advancements of mankind which are totally ignored by this present culture are the result of Western Civilization’s inquiry into the darkness of the unknown by men who chose to investigate and shine a light into that darkness. The wheel, the sail, the hinge, the screw, pencils, pens, window glass, insulation, electricity, the light bulb, central heating, motorized transportation, penicillin, refrigeration, the easy chair, television and the computer were all the results of revelation recognized then utilized. Then others took those facts and designs and built improvements. What if those inventors had ignored their findings? They couldn’t have, as they were determinedly seeking truth and the answer to their inquiry; and those who followed stood upon those previous revelations.

     This leads me to ask the question: why would a people, a civilization, totally ignore truth and facts germane to their very survival? It is a conundrum of denial that defies thousands of years of human history.

     In God’s Word we learn (II Kings 22:8-19, II Chronicles 34:14-21) that a faltering people discovered their long out of use and forgotten Law of God and repented of their sin, rejoiced in their discovery then were Blessed for a time. The Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence has not been hidden in some dark and dusty archive. It has always been available for any citizen to read. Similarly, God’s Holy Bible is probably the most printed book in printing history. Yet we witness generations of citizens ignorant of the very tools necessary to rescue our civilization.

     Our ancestors carved out a civilization in the wilderness in order to be free to worship and free from arbitrary edicts of the King and his Parliament. Their deprivations can only be matched by their courage and both are so far off modern scales of fairness as to be incomprehensible. Yet by 1860 the seeds cast by the likes of Alexander Hamilton and Henry Clay matured to destroy the works of men like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Patrick Henry and George Washington. How can that be?  “For the love of money is the root of all evil…” (I Timothy 6:10) The important words here are “love” and “root”. The human propensity to exercise the appetites of pride, lust, greed and force were clearly demonstrated in the invasion and attempted extermination of the Christian South during the tragic years 1861 – 1877. Tragically that history is being erased, forgotten and rewritten. Giants of character like Jefferson Davis, R.E. Lee, T.J. Jackson, J.E.B. Stuart and Sally Tomkins have been replaced by moral midgets of the likes of John Brown, Lincoln, Grant, Sherman, Sheridan and Julia Ward Howe. Why is that?

     Can you spell money? The international bankers along with their yankee industrialists, bankers and mercantile agents succeeded in the overthrow of the Republic, with the clever use of media manipulation, distraction and citizen ignorance, so as to control the wealth of empire. But that information, though difficult to find, is still available. Unfortunately the information is largely ignored or marginalized; as government day care called schools have thoroughly maleducated their charges leaving most unable to comprehend the process of logical investigation and deductive reasoning; believing only what they are told.

     I say this because the evidence is in. Every social malady to confront and overpower Western Christianity in at least the last 150 years has at its root the Communist Manifesto and godless greed of the international bankers. The United States was a sovereign nation, but more importantly, its citizens were sovereign. Government was to serve the people, by being a blessing to good and a terror to evil (Romans 13:1-4), leaving people free to pursue life, liberty and happiness unhindered by arbitrary edicts. However, once the spirits of humanism and abolitionism gained purchase within the common social fabric the elements of Socialism and those corollary philosophies from the gutters of Europe were carefully woven decade after decade into that fabric for God’s dethroning and our destruction.

     Once the ink was dry on the sale of the Sovereignty of the United States by the Congress in December of 1913, the way became clear for the infiltration and perversion of our institutions. Since the immediate target was Christianity and the nuclear family the obvious institutions targeted were charitable foundations, churches, schools, government agencies and the media. It goes without saying that our Constitution would out of necessity have to be maligned, misinterpreted and marginalized.

     It does appear that the avowed enemies of Christianity have succeeded overwhelmingly as America is an anemic shadow of the America handed over to us from our Founders. We now entertain (endure) astronomical debt, legalized theft, dysfunctional institutions including families, human sacrifice, the worship of idols, maleducation of our children, wicked and perverse behavior applauded then emulated, truth, virtue and modesty mocked, Statesmen scorned, demagogues praised, creatures worshiped, The Creator ridiculed, arbitrary and voluminous laws and public reward for greed, lust and violence.

     According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, Doctors kill 225,000 patients per year; unnecessary surgeries kill 12,000, negative effects of prescribed drugs kill 106,000 while medical errors in hospitals kill 7,000 patients per year. According to the National Safety Council, texting while driving kills 6,000 people annually. The Center for Disease Control states that suicide took the lives of 36,909 persons in 2009. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation 2011 murder statistics, knives killed 1,694 people; hands and fists killed 726, blunt objects killed 496, and rifles killed 323 people. It has been determined by those who claim to know best that health care is to be turned over to the government and that firearms are to be banned.

     In order that this Nation’s bankruptcy might be expedited and all personal property seized, mountains of expensive permits, rules, regulations and fines have been put into place to “Save the Earth” based upon Marxist motivated intentionally defective science. This has its desired effect of suffocating small business and industry. Billions of Dollars are given away from the treasury annually and we are told that it is “free” because it is a government grant. Marxist inspired tax rules, regulations and codes have encouraged large domestic industry to move elsewhere. The worthlessness of what we call money and the amount of tribute exacted is such that Mom and Dad must both work long hours simply to keep even while their children are shuffled into various government indoctrination centers to be turned against them. Government encouragement to indoctrinate children at earlier ages begins with per-school with the promise of free food. Hoards of people have been encouraged to look to government for their needs, their salvation; and once they’ve become addicted to public theft their burden upon productive citizens becomes greater and greater. When this house of cards collapses in upon itself from the immense burden of theft and debt the National Emergency created will suspend what remains of our constitution. The United Nations and select military and paramilitary police organizations will quickly transform what remains into a semblance of the old Soviet Union or modern North Korea or worse, Kosovo.

     Evidence of this is all around us and available to all, yet most folk seem to prefer dismissal or denial. In the New Testament book of Romans we read “Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts…” (1:24) and “For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections…” (1:26). Please read Romans Chapters 1 and 2, then turn to II Timothy Chapter 3. Yes, God is a God of love, mercy, grace and patience but He also hates (Proverbs 6:16-19). When mortal man tempts God with his wicked appetites long enough, without repentance, Sovereign God declares enough and gives them wholly over to those appetites just prior to judgment. “But they mocked the messengers of God…until the wrath of the Lord arose against his people, till there was no remedy.” (II Chronicles 36:16) Thus, the answer to the conundrum of denial.