Subjugation Day

A calendar day that people can point to and recognize as the beginning of their woes. One does not exist on the American calendar, but it should. While our Constitution was administered under the law by a virtuous citizenry, we remained a free people who enjoyed the fruits of our labor and suffered the consequences of our error; which is as it should be. However, the foreign invasion of Sovereign States led by yankee lust and greed in 1861 that culminated in defeat of law and the Constitution by 1865, should stand as a seminal event of a once free people; as it was the destruction of the Republic and the placement of loose bands of tyranny that have been the unfortunate history of America’s past 150 years. Additionally, every one of those years has witnessed a ratchet tightening of those bands ever so slowly. 1865 saw the death of the Sovereign States who with their consent formed the original Union. By 1877, Southern States saw their wealth stolen and their Constitutions rewritten and approved by carpetbagger occupying officials. The year 1895 began yankee America’s adventure into global plunder, making other countries safe for American banking and business interest, at the expense of local populations. The year 1913 witnessed the wholesale theft of our Nation’s Banking and Monetary system to private European interest and their yankee agents under the name of the Federal Reserve System, it also saw the passing of the 16th Amendment to our Constitution which legalized government plunder of labor and its fruits. In May of 1917, those same agents engineered our entrance into the War for European Banking and Communism known as WWI. In that same year, our President under the guidance of those same agents, signed into law the Trading With the Enemy Act but couldn’t quite pull off our joining a global governance known as the League of Nations. In 1929, the Federal Reserve transferred our wealth to the Bank of England causing the Great Depression. The year 1933 saw our 32nd President intentionally extend the Great depression, allow the infiltration of our institutions by Communists, sign into Law amendments to the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917 to include all Americans as enemies, and the Emergency Banking Act of 1913 and assigning all American private property to the Federal Reserve as collateral. That same year, America began a second government, an executive government under Emergency Powers, totally outside the limits of the Constitution. Since March 9, 1933, the executive Branch has operated as an independent agency, ruling through Executive Order and the Federal Register. The war for world banking and Communism (WWII) was orchestrated as the next step and its agents performed flawlessly. I will not list the incremental ratcheting from WWII as it has become exponentially faster and more dangerous. Tyranny feeds on war and emergency and since 1945, we have found ourselves suffocated by both. Our rump government of Legislators are nothing more than an assortment of greedy demagogues while our Marxist trained Judicial branch serves at the will of their masters. American’s today are faced with a myriad of meaningless choices all designed to keep the engines of greed running. There exists in Washington City a great all-consuming organism with right and left arms both securely attached; and its appetite grows greater and greater. While this is being written, America’s leaders are spending our children, grand children and great-grand children into poverty. So you see, future historians will quietly search government approved archives for evidence of where it all began. We thus owe an obligation and an answer to the generations whose future we have allowed to be plundered. South Carolina was cleverly tricked into firing the first shots on Fort Sumter on April 12th.  Confederate General J.E. Johnston surrendered on April 26th. The Federal leviathan taxes our labor as well as the fruits of our labor and claims all tribute must be paid by April 15th. April certainly seems the appropriate month for such an observance and the day must be a Friday or Monday so government and banking employees can have a three-day weekend. Therefore, let us resolve to observe the second Monday of April as Subjugation Day!