Social Engineering

The surreptitious method of using taxation and license to alter the natural flow of virtuous human behavior while at the same time raising funds for parasites. Demagogues and politically correct Marxist and abolitionists seek tyrannical license and tribute from any quarter they target. It began with tobacco (which was a currency of Colonial Virginia) and alcohol, which are both legal products, and has expanded to include fat and sugar (burgers and soft drinks). Demagogues will declare that these taxes will discourage use and thus “save the children”. In-as-much-as western children are fat and third world children are malnourished, why not subsidize fast food to fatten third world urchins? Or, better yet introduce tax legislation that encourages the American family! It will never happen since third world children don’t vote and parasites could never profit from the exercise and the destruction of the family is the purpose of the engineering. Next will be more taxes on guns, ammunition, agriculture land, rural homes, heirloom garden seeds, livestock, tools and implements and daily necessitates, all to “save the children, the planet or some-such” and spend our treasury into oblivion while keeping the rest of us safe from some perceived threat. Meanwhile, after all these decades of Social Engineering, nobody is safe from the Federal Government, their Pattyrollers or their maleducated Through Police. Tacitus said around 100 AD, “The more corrupt the government, the greater the number of laws”. I defy any IRS pattyroller to explain our tax law. A typical scheme will proceed thus: a clever Marxist academic will perceive a useful social, economic or environmental issue; using defective data and or faulty predetermined science. Demagogues will acquire the issue causing heated controversy and one-sided debate. Systematic repetition will fan the issue into a crisis so that the only remedy is emergency legislation. Demagogues will pontificate how only their emergency legislation can solve the problem and those who oppose it are mean and selfish. Once passed, legions of bureaucrats will be required to furnish rules and regulations for its implementation and its cost will escalate many times the original estimate. Federal Grants will be issued to more Marxist academics to continue the study. Once implemented, its consequences result in exacerbating collateral issues and compounding the original issue (if indeed it ever really existed). The entire meaningless yet expensive cycle will then repeat itself while more Marxist academics perceive additional issues for additional Grants. All the while, working men and women must pay for the exercise and never once is personal responsibility or mans sinful nature included in the discussion. Yet, this is precisely the predicament that independent thinking people find themselves in, in a well-oiled tyranny.