Our Sovereign God bequeathed mankind with certain unalienable rights. Among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Your life may not simply be taken by the king without due process of law, neither can your liberty be infringed by demands of the king to require your service to perform evil. Also your personal property is not subject to the king’s arbitrary confiscation. You are the sovereign of your life and will be accountable at a date certain. Your liberty to choose between good and evil is an awesome personal responsibility and for that too you are accountable. Your personal property represents the fruit of your pursuit of happiness and God requires that you exercise virtuous stewardship over those fruits free from the king’s interference. The rights spoken of today represent nothing more than government permission and are as fickle as the times and just as meaningless to a Holy Judge. We have God given rights which are sovereign, constitutional rights that are recognized as the highest law in our country and legislative rights which can be removed as quickly as they are bestowed. When the lines between these are blurred then maleducated subjects demand what they ignorantly call rights and are in reality nothing more than license.