Every recorded culture from antiquity has had religion. Even distant savages in the darkest recesses of remote places have worshipped something in their own form of Religion. When mankind was given Liberty to choose between good and evil and chose evil in spite of the warnings; a hole occurred in the human heart that was once filled by God our Creator. The incorrect choice resulted in the consequence of God voluntarily exiting and leaving behind a vacuum. For thousands of years that hole, that empty space in the human heart, has been the focus of man’s Religion. Man longs within himself for something to fill that void. Marxists atheists declare that it does not exist. Humanists seek wealth, power and pleasure in vain attempts to quell the inner longing. Religionists reason that man must work harder to remake himself and thus earn something that will be acceptable in the sight of God. All of these forms require a person to go into bondage to their religion. Even the Marxist atheist dogma that there is no God requires worship of the state. So you see, religion is nothing more than fallen mankind’s attempt to reach God, while Christianity is God’s simply plan for mankind. It was religion and religionists who undertook burning at the stake, inquisition, mass slaughters and the butchery of innocents. It was religion and religionists who constructed expensive edifices to their own glory and bent the innocent believer under a yoke of tyranny. Religion is a vain attempt to fill that void in the human heart and always requires some work from the follower to justify himself.