A clever propaganda term developed and first employed by Marxist Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution of 1917. It was first applied against the Ukrainian middle class (Kulaks) that was hostile to the Bolshevik Movement. It included the clergy, teachers, physicians, tradesmen, merchants, farmers, craftsmen, and all others who were successful and home and property owners. The entire class was slaughtered and is estimated to have been between 7 to 10 million innocents. The term has been employed within every nation where Marxists possess sufficient influence and targets class, race, religion, or any area of the culture within which the term can gain traction. Its appeal is always to another groups base human instincts of frustration, envy and greed. Its systematic repetition is a serious indicator of the presence of tyranny. Once the term becomes introduced through systematic repetition into political correctness, the targeted group faces very real danger. No doubt, serious thinkers have not arrived at the valid conclusion, as did John Vinson when he observed that, “Love of kin is not hate, and self preservation is not prejudice.”