The Stars & Bars

By: O. T. Dozier, MD. Birmingham Alabama


The Stars and Bars  are fallen,

And will never float again,

But bright on history’s pages

It will live without a stain.


For proudest recollections

Of battles fought and won,

And glorious deeds of valor,

By Southern patriots done,


Will embalm in sacred memory

The banner, bright and dear,

And sound it down the ages

As the one without a peer.


‘T was born of stern oppression,

And was cradled in the storm,

Rose demanding a reform,

When retributive justice


And in the name of liberty

Was christened in the blood

Of heroes and of patriots

That flowed in crimson flood.


And thus endeared to freedom

By every sacred tie,

Our hearts were rent with anguish

When we saw it droop and die.


We held it in affection,

And rejoiced to see it wave;

We loved the men who bore it,

For they were true and brave.


We loved its holy cause,

And the hopes that it inspired,

And we honor every martyr

Who beneath its folds expired.


With reverence, too, the chieftains,.

Each and every separate name

Who, ‘neath the star-wreathed banner,

Fought and won their glorious fame.


But supported not by nations

Who beheld it from afar,

Alone it met the tempest

Of the fiery crest of war.


No nation recognized it,

No arms were stretched to save;

But the world will ne’er forget it

As the banner of the brave.


But now that flag is fallen,

And will proudly float no more;

Our soldiers tents are folded,

And the din of war is o’er.


Our cannon’s throats are silent,

The sword is in its sheath,

Our camps are all deserted

Save the silent camps of death.


No sentinel now on duty

Doth freedom’s watch-words tell,

For liberty was ended

When that glorious banner fell.


From: Confederate Veteran Magazine, Volume I, No. 7., July, 1893, Page 207.