News Media

Performs the service of the release of previously unknown information via all available means of communication. For generations, an “independent” news Media was the essential fixture of stability for the informed Republic. Since the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches of government operated under the watchful eye of independent journalists, the people properly informed were able to discern the “state” of their government, and require changes as necessary. Thus, an informed people can remain a free people. Unfortunately, since the destruction of our Republic, the enemies of Christian culture have overtaken the News Media and journalism schools. Their concept of news is propaganda, since tyranny can only survive while the masses remain lulled or confused. Thus, with propaganda, the moral coward has the excuse not to think at all. Close examination of the News Media of popular culture will reveal not only the loss of independence but also the bondage of “political correctness”, It is a sorry affair that confused would-be promoters of their own bondage would lap-up the “nightly news” but, it is outrageous for Christian men and women to be naïve enough to believe spokespersons of their avowed enemy. Sadly the words of Soviet Bolshevik Revolutionary Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924) are correct, “A lie told often enough becomes truth.”