An aberrant concept introduced into American Culture by yankee Marxists for the destruction of Christian culture and government. History teaches that peoples and cultures institute governments. When the peoples and cultures change the government necessarily changes. The purpose of introducing primitive indigent third world peoples into Western Culture has never been to elevate them to a higher standard but rather to lower our cultural standard. Thus, the government forced acceptance of pagan rituals and primitive conduct which intentionally blurs standards causing moral cowardice on the part of uninformed citizens. This is a thoroughly planned and executed program enforced by political correctness, maleducation, systematic repetition and trivial preoccupation. If the majority of American citizens do no read anything meaningful and do not understand the principles of the Declaration or U.S. Constitution; then how in the world would anyone expect a third world illiterate to comprehend the meaning of Western Christian Civilization and how far it has elevated humanity from the stone age? Faithful stewardship of the duties and responsibilities of citizenship have become lost in this present culture; as has the recognition of the awesome debt we owe our Creator. The celebration of third-world peoples cannot and will not return those virtues to this Nation but it will ultimately make this Nation more like the third-world.